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A Message from AKC

 The rights of responsible dog owners are under attack like never before. State and local legislators across the country continue to introduce bills that seek to infringe on your ability to own dogs—including mandatory spay/neuter, ownership limits, sales restrictions, warrantless search and seizure, and breed ownership bans.

 The American Kennel Club Political Action Committee (AKC PAC) helps elect legislators who share our commitment to reasonable laws that protect our rights and promote responsible dog ownership and breeding. It demonstrates that dog owners will hold their representatives accountable for how they vote on dog issues, and that they stand behind leaders who share our beliefs.

 By contributing to the AKC PAC, you greatly enhance the efforts of the American Kennel Club to fight for your rights as a dog owner. Contributions to the AKC PAC are used to provide tangible support to the candidacy of leaders who defend your rights as a dog owner.

 Go to
www.akc.org/pac to contribute online.

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